Jeudi dernier, en direct du Palais de l’Élysée, le Président Macron s’adressait aux français pour annoncer les différents priorités de la Présidence française européenne au Conseil de l’Union européenne.

Le président déclarait

Ce qui manque le plus à l’Europe aujourd’hui, c’est une Europe de la défense. C’est une culture stratégique commune.

Trois grands…

“Pursuant to the enhanced trilateral security partnership called “AUKUS”

Yesterday, the US President Biden, in his statement, recalled to the Congress the importance of trialeral security partnership named “AUKUS” . A partnership that gav France felt alone from defense nuclear agreement. A text was amended according of the “section 123…

Three companies were ex aequo have been granted by the high selection Committee that disclosed by the 4th E.DSO Stakeholder and Innovation Council event.

EDP Redes Spain has been rewarded for the ‘Active Networks Management’ project as best contribution to ‘System Operation’.

EDP Redes España was created in December 2020 that belongs to EDP group.
According to the “first Sustainability Report, the company was born after the acquisition of the Viesgo Group, the shareholding of which is shared by the EDP Group, which holds 75.1%, and the investment fund Macquarie, holding…

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Journalist-writer, in innovation, economy, politics.

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