Belgium: Hotels, restaurants will open this weekend

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2 min readJun 3, 2020
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In Brussels, this afternoon the Crisis Council annunced during the press conference a good news: all hotels, restaurants and cafe in belgium re-open its doors from 8th of June 2020. Since the #COVID19 pandemic the Belgian Federal government present measures to fight it. Restaurants and cafe are a place to meet friends and family. A way to have a relax and fun time. In the #CORONAVIRUS situation, masks and social distance are the main point to struggle for its extinction. Belgian epidemiologists said that #COVID19 is still on the territory. They added we need to be more caution on our health and other people.

Respect and Solidarity against #CORONAVIRUS

In a restaurant, customers have to wear mask. only 10 persons at a table.

What are measures on 8th June?

In the restaurant or cafe, you have to

Keep a social distance of 1 m50 between each person

Gather not more 10 persons at table to have your dinner/lunch or have a drink

Waiters must wear mask during their services

All restaurants and cafe will open until 1 am.

Celebration and ceremonies can organize

If you postponed your wedding ceremony or others celebration, it would be the time to do it in the real life. In a good mood,people can perform it.

15th June : Tourism goes through: travellers can reach the airport

Many travellers are eager to move as much they can. Visit a country that they have never been. Passengers who have kept their flight tickets in their bag until this moment. How this weekend will be appreciated!

1st of July : Concerts and others cultural activities start

The lovers of music, theaters will attend to their favorite hobbies. Only 200 person can enter with the same measures above and controls in the entrance.

To the end of lockdown, the Federal government will covene next Wednesday to discuss about the 3rd stage.



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