Cyprus: The president of the Republic, M Nicos Anastasiades congrates Mr Ersin Tatar the new leader of community of the Turkish-Cypriot

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A message of peace between the Turkish and Cypriot to live in the same country. Yesterday, Ersin Tatar was elected as the 5th President of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The Cypriot President, Mr Nicos Anastasiades promises a meeting one to one for a discussion.

In 1983, the Turkish Cypriots declared that their own territory was situated in the North and they considered the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. But It is still only recognized by Turkey state.

That’s why, United Nations organized the referendum for the unification of the island, called “Annan Plan” in 2004. But the votes were controversial: 65% of Turkish Cypriots accepted and 76% of Greek Cypriots rejected. The Annan Plan was a United Nations proposal to solve the Cyprus Dispute of the divided island nation of Cyprus as the United Cyprus Republic. It was named in recognition of United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, who largely devised the proposal in conjunction with Didier Pfirter Special Cyprus Advisor.

Finally, the 5th revision of the Annan Plan proposed the creation of the United Cyprus Republic, covering the island of Cyprus in its entirety (except for the British Sovereign Base Areas). This new country was to be a loose confederation of two component states — the Greek Cypriot State and the Turkish Cypriot State — joined together by a minimal federal government apparatus.

All international organizations, European Union for instance, are still not recognized the North Cyprus Turkish state. As the Turkish Cypriots and Turkey prepare to celebrate the Annan Plan signed 16 years ago. Cyprus could be a nation who gives a sample, a message to others foreign nations to live in peace in the same country with two communities: Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots? That is the next challenge to both countries: Cyprus and Turkey.

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