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European Space agency launches a new challenge to explore space from home. It is a real role of educator that ESA endorses during the #COVID19. The website is dedicated to parents and children. “A way to keep learning “during the lockdown until the best time to get back to work and school.

Parents and kids bear the lockdown

During lockdown, we need to stay a social contact in the real life. Most of people choose social media to write, talk in a group of discussion. But Parents with kids could be lost more than others during this pandemic. We are not prepared for this kind of situation: loneliness, lack of rhythm and many parameters that we used to live. All are upset, affected, the time could become endless without vaccine and the security to live outside. Internet entered in our life more than 25 years ago. Do you think it is enough to remind us that we can live only by remote, distance with a computer? But we need to meet people, talk face to face. If it is possible we have to pay attention to be in 1.50 meters from other person and wearing a mask. For a kid it is quite difficult to understand easier than adults.

Since the beginning of #Covid19, European Space Agence have made initiative to awake, motivate to exploration far from our blue Earth. ESA’s agency gave a message that we have a future to learn, to advance, we have a wonderful planet. We can explore it from home. Click below on the link of Expedition home.

Expedition home, the new website to educate

Follow ESA Education on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates on challenges, @home projects and featured activities. Share your experience with us using the #ExpeditionHome hashtag!




Journalist-writer, I do love photography for some events. I buy photos and content English/FR.

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Hafida B

Hafida B

Journalist-writer, I do love photography for some events. I buy photos and content English/FR.

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