IRAQ: Fuad Hussein, the Foreign Minister Iraqi visited Brussels for a strong partnership and cooperation

Photo @hafidabenyacoub Press club Brussels

This Thursday, Foreign Minister Iraqi, M. Fuad Hussein and his Excellence, Ambassador M. Sadiq AL-Rikabi organized a press conference to define how is important to strengh partnership with European Union and NATO. A security through the country at this phase to a peaceful situation.

A tight agenda to strengh relations with some International leaders

Yesterday, M. Fuad Hussein was in Germany, Brussels with the High representative of European Council, M. Borrel, the Secretary General of Nato, the Belgian Foreign Minister. Security, trade, economy and coronavirus measures were on the table. Iraq wishes more than anything to come out of this slump that it has locked up in bloody conflicts. Its efforts will find a way out thanks to the support of international bodies such as NATO and the European Union. The European Union remains the second major actor that has participated in the reconstruction of the country since the defeat of ISIS.

The Secretary General NATO M. Stoltenberg reminded the fight against terrorism lasted more than 10 years. NATO keep helping Iraq in its security forces. He added that “ is now considering how to step up the alliance’s efforts in Iraq, in full coordination with the Iraqi government.”

Photo @natocopyright

Iraq is on the road to peace in order to boost trade and tourism?

In 2003, ACP engaged to work with United Nations in a solidarity between friendship between peoples for a re-building of Iraq. It was during the Statement of 5th Session of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly in Brazzaville. European Union mobilised offered 480 million euros for development and a package of 159 million euros to fight against COVID-19 pandemic, combining different instruments and funds, with a focus on the health and socio-economic sectors.

“The High Representative Borrell and Foreign Minister Hussein agreed on the importance of continuing on the path of reforms in Iraq, including in the security sector.

As M. Fuad Hussein said “Iran is a neighbough with the same religious, culture and a common history. Own policy is to get the first place with US allied and to make a clear balancing relationship to respect internal affairs. Security in own country and encourage foreign countries to invest because of ressources : energy, green for instance. We have a strategy of dialogue with US not to be against bilateral relations.”

Peace in progress for a return to the confidence of foreign investors. It will undoubtedly encourage tourists to discover the cultural heritage: the citadel of Erbil, the gate of Ishtar is one of the eight gates of the inner city of Babylon.

Bagdad and Bassora stay in mind a mythic place to visit. Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant destroyed some historic sites in Syria and Iraq unfortunately. By chance, not all, visitors could admire culture and heritahe of this country after the covid19 situation.



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