POLIS “Cities and regions commit to work together for a just mobility transition”

copyright Gothenburg, Sweden

POLIS is the leading European network of cities and regions on urban transport innovation organizes its annual conference punctuated debate and discussion over two days in Gotheenburg Sweden. Over 600 urban mobility experts and practitionner are invited to tackle on “Cities and regions commit to work together for a just mobility”.

Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city, and home to the biggest port in the Nordic region, is a global leader in innovative, sustainable and inclusive mobility, and therefore the ideal venue for the event.

copyright Gothenburg, Sweden

Kristina Lindfors, Director General of the Urban Transport Administration in the City of Gothenburg, explained:

The POLIS Conference is an excellent opportunity to discuss and exchange knowledge on the enormous challenges facing our urban environments and transport systems. Gothenburg will continue to lead the way as an active international partner in the work to develop and implement sustainable mobility solutions, with the aim to be one of Europe’s 100 climate-neutral cities by 2030.

Fron 1st to 2nd December, debates, exchanges are opened to go up to innovation. The first day of the event features technical discussions on topics spanning from the future of public transport to AI in transport, mobility data and the ’15 minute city. The Opening Plenary session will highlight the importance of public-private cooperation for policy-responsive and mission-driven innovation.

In the Closing Plenary session, the Just Transition Agenda, endorsed by the POLIS Political Group, will be unveiled by the deputy mayor David Dessers from the City of Leuven, Belgium, who was elected as POLIS president at the General Assembly for 2022.

David Dessers, Deputy Mayor for Mobility of the City of Leuven, said:

We have the ambition to be a frontrunner in sustainable and future proof mobility as to keep our city attractive, healthy and sustainable. We strongly believe in the importance of exchanging knowledge and experiences to realise this ambition. POLIS is the appropriate network for this. As the newly elected POLIS president, we will be very happy to share our experiences and insights with other European cities and to propagate the Just Transition Agenda.




Journalist-writer, I do love photography for some events. I buy photos and content English/FR.

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Hafida B

Hafida B

Journalist-writer, I do love photography for some events. I buy photos and content English/FR.

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