#SCIENCE: Luca Parmitano, the astronaut celebrated his birthday onboard.

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2 min readApr 2, 2020

European Space Agency sent us a video from the Italian astronaut #Luca Parmitano who celebrated his birthday onboard from the spaceship. Married with two daughted, the Sicilian guy loves sharing his feelings with his family and people who love science. It was amazing moment when he blew in this place his candel as he did on Earth. Click below to the link to live it !

Video Copyright ESA

Luca Parmitano has ever participated to a space mission in his life. #In 2013, he lived a good experience of 166 days in orbit during his space program called #Volare. He has high qualified in engineering and in good health, he was selected to the another expedition: Beyond. A space program scheduled in July 2019.

#Luca Parmitanoo picture copyright #ESA

As others expeditions, Beyond aims at exploring Universe in research and technology. However, in this case, this mission tends to do more than previous space travellers did. The conditions are quite difficults as astronauts live so far from our blue planet. They are prepared well with an intensive training under the same real conditions.

For the fans and youth generation Luca added to this comment:

What we do in orbit is not just for the astronauts or for the International Space Station programme, it is for everybody. It is for Earth, it is for humankind, and it is the only path for us to learn what we need in terms of science and technology in order to go beyond.

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