Today Guterres visited Borrell mainly for Climate change and refugees matters to build a budget

The European Union works closely with the numerous United Nations bodies to promote international peace, human rights and development. Together the EU and its member countries provide the UN with 30 % of its regular budget and 33 % of its peacekeeping budget. Collectively, they are the UN’s largest financial contributor.

On the other hand, the EU Parliament wrote that Members endorsed the Climate Law, agreed informally with member states in April, with 442 votes to 203 and 51 abstentions. It transforms the European Green Deal’s political commitment to EU climate neutrality by 2050 into a binding obligation. It gives European citizens and businesses the legal certainty and predictability they need to plan for this transition. After 2050, the EU will aim for negative emissions.

Now EU members states have to be equal in the same direction if they want to pass between storm currents and fight other earthly disasters. As the Secretary General Antonio Guterres said several time it ‘s time to unify and act in a peaceful life.




Journalist-writer, I do love photography for some events. I buy photos and content English/FR.

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Hafida B

Hafida B

Journalist-writer, I do love photography for some events. I buy photos and content English/FR.

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