WORLD CRISIS #EUROGROUP may sign the EU financial plan #Covid19

Today, the Eurogroup ahead by Mário CENTENO, President of the Eurogroup will try to convince financial Ministers to sign the agreement for the #Covid19 -EU financial plan.

Video from Council of EU -Newsroom

Eurogroup tried to get on well each other : “ We all know this is not time for business as usual politics “quoted Mário CENTENO

Image EU council copyright

Between 17th until now, Eurogroup have tried to get on well each other to make a real agreement. During the time, World Health International created a partnership with Economic World forum which is called The COVID Action Platform. it works or not but they did it.

European countries are still puzzled over their behaviors, what it will happen and what EU leader could lose. That ‘s why the press conference set at 3 pm delayed to 8pm in the evening. They may calculate again and again each budget? Which interpretations could we have at our desks?

Financial ministers still have a long talking between each EU country to agree with the EU financial plan made by EU commission by 100 € billion “to finance employment protection schemes”. As said Mário CENTENO, “ Today, I will also call on Ministers to make a clear commitment for a coordinated and sizeable recovery plan”.

Image EU council copyright

But some questions have occured : Is it enough to support 19 Eurozone countries who have a tremendous debt before #COVID19 crisis? . Can Europe alone solve a financial problem which become a global financial problem? Who can solve this issues pending? But Mário CENTENO reminded us that “ We all know this is not time for business as usual politics”.

Reporter: Hafida Benyacoub Source : Eurogroup



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